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Campfire Breakfast Sandwiches

The Campfire isn't just for marshmallows and hot dogs. If you are looking for fast and easy camping breakfast ideas, you are in the right place! These savory Camping Breakfast Sandwiches are the perfect handheld meal to start your fun-filled outdoor day! The secret to making the egg flawlessly fit the shape of the English muffin is cooking it in a canning jar ring!

Use Egg Sandwich Rings To Make Breakfast Camping Sandwiches Camp Cooking Tip: If you cook the egg inside a Canning Jar Ring Band it will be the perfect size and shape to fit the English muffin for these camping sandwiches. Just spray a non-stick skillet and the canning jar ring band with cooking spray, then crack the egg and gently add it to the skillet … then top with salt and pepper.

Sandwich Variations Individual sandwiches are great options for making camping meals for two but they also can be scaled to feed large crowds … they are so versatile! This is one of our easy camping meals but you can make it even easier by replacing the bacon with a slice of deli ham so you only have to cook the egg!

How To Make Breakfast Camping Sandwiches I like making sandwich camping recipes because I can cook for a couple or cook for a crowd. This recipe makes one sandwich so scale up as necessary.

Step 1. Fry the bacon. Fry the bacon, then drain it on paper towels. Camp Cooking Tip: On mornings when you are making bacon, you may want to fry a few extra slices to make quick BLT Camping Wraps later in the day. Step 2. Prepare the muffin. If you don’t have pre-split English muffins, slice them in half. Now toast them to your desired crispness. Step 3. Prepare the breakfast sandwich egg ring. It is critical that you spray along the ENTIRE inside of the canning jar ring band with cooking spray or you will end up with the egg sticking to the ring. Place the ring in the skillet WITH THE LIP SIDE UP. Step 4. Fry the egg. Gently crack the egg and slowly drop it into the canning jar ring … then add salt and pepper. Cook the egg until it is set … if you remove the canning jar ring too early, the egg will spread and won’t fit your English muffin perfectly. Remove the ring by lifting it out of the pan using tongs or a fork. Now you can turn the egg and continue cooking to your desired doneness. On a personal note: I like my eggs over-easy … my husband hates runny yolks, so I cook his a little longer to the over-hard stage. He is really picky about this and even though I think an overcooked egg is totally gross, it is really easy to cook his camping breakfast sandwiches! When I think it’s done, just let it keep cooking … LOL! My point here is that how long it takes your egg to cook really depends on how hard or soft you like your eggs. Step 5. Melt the cheese. Place the cheese on the egg while it is still in the pan to let it begin melting. Step 6. Build the sandwich. Start with the first half of the English muffin then pile on the egg, bacon and second half of the muffin. Enjoy!

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